Mercuri Ambassadors

At Mercuri International we have a passion for celebrating Apprentices. Mercuri’s Apprentice Ambassadors demonstrate many things: proactivity, resilience, strong work ethic, personal integrity and professionalism as well as attainment and commercial success. Each quarter we celebrate two new apprentices and share all of the great things they have been getting up to. Read below for a list of our amazing Mercuri Ambassadors.

Winter 2022

Read more here on what our Winter 2022 ambassadors Dan and Ian had to say about becoming a Mercuri ambassador.

Autumn 2022

Read more here on what our Autumn 2022 ambassadors Polly and Nicola had to say about being nominated to become an ambassador.

Summer 2022

Read more here, on Sam and Geoff’s success and what they both had to say on becoming a Mercuri ambassador for Summer 2022.

Spring 2022

Ash was our Spring ambassador for 2022, read more here on his journey on growing his confidence and how his attitude has improved significantly.

Autumn 2021

Leanne and Mark were our ambassadors for Autumn 2021. Read more here on their success and what they think the best thing about being an apprentice is.

Summer 2021

Read more here on what our Summer 2021 ambassadors Prem and Clay had to say about being nominated to become an ambassador.

Spring 2021

Adrian and Paul were our ambassadors for Spring 2021. Click here to read more.

Autumn 2020

Jess and Charlotte were Mercuri’s first ever ambassadors in Autumn 2020. Click here to read what they say about becoming ambassadors.