Change Management

2020, and now into 2021, provided a combination of global events that have redefined the business landscape. Change is the only constant; As business leaders and sales professionals, we now, more than ever, need to be ready and willing to embrace change and support and mobilize other to do the same.

Change Management goals:

  • To prepare leaders to drive people to acknowledge their responsibilities (accountability) and develop a sense of commitment and responsibility in owners, making them aware of critical situations.
  • To mobilize all employees to think of solutions, not problems, becoming more ‘do-ers than ‘believers’.

The change Management work process


Implementation and monitoring

Strategy and approach

Undestanding the context and resistance

Making a change in your organization

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Training Trends

Digital Learning

Your path to sales success

How are companies reacting to these interesting times?

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Workforce wellbeing and productivity

The Mercuri 2021 sales workforce report