Mercuri Ambassadors

At Mercuri International we have a passion for celebrating Apprentices. Mercuri’s Apprentice Ambassadors demonstrate many things: proactivity, resilience, strong work ethic, personal integrity and professionalism as well as attainment and commercial success. Find out about Mercuri’s Apprentice Ambassadors for Summer 2022 and what attributes and characteristics they have shown during their apprenticeship.

Mercuri Summer 2022 Ambassadors

Meet Sam

Sam Staley is a Sales Executive at Vision Digital and is undertaking the Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship.

What’s the best thing about being an apprentice?

“The best thing about being an apprentice is the fact that I gain on the job experience daily, get to learn the theory behind my work and I have the ability to incorporate the learning from my Mercuri course into my everyday approach to sales all while getting paid.”

How would you say apprentices help employers?

“Apprentices help employers to develop their workforce by training new team members who are motivated to succeed and increase standards within their role. The business also gains a fresh mindset that can give alternative takes on challenging elements within the organization.”

Can you share with us your thoughts on becoming a Mercuri Ambassador?

“I am happy that I have been recognized as a committed learner and that my work has been of a high standard throughout my course. I think becoming a Mercuri ambassador will help me to maintain a high level of progress throughout my apprenticeship and in work life.”

Meet Geoff

Geoff Bosworth is a Delivery Support Supervisor at Rockwell Automation and is undertaking the Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship.

What’s the best thing about being an apprentice?

“The encouragement from my company to advance my own potential was a demonstration in their belief in me and the progression of their employees. The course has provided a multitude of tools to use in my daily routines and developed my skills to use them enabling me to earn an unexpected promotion ahead of the original plan. The support from the Mercuri mentors has been so valuable for me to transfer the theories and knowledge into my business function.”

How would you say apprentices help employers?

“The course has improved my self-confidence as well as motivation to succeed. Demonstrating to my peers that there are opportunities with the company to progress it has inspired my team members to seek courses for themselves. This will develop the skills to create a high performing team within the business.”

Can you share with us your thoughts on becoming a Mercuri Ambassador?

“It is an honour to be selected as an ambassador, recognizing that my efforts to complete the assignments and utilize the theories has been identified by Mercuri. The acknowledgment strengthens the support that I am applying the knowledge correctly and I am greatly appreciative to Sarah-Louise and Laura for all their time and expertise.”

Why sam?

“Sam has consistently produced work of a good standard from the beginning and is ahead of the programme. He quickly understands the concepts of the course, acquires the knowledge and develops the behaviours and skills necessary to implement them in his role. His confidence and ability have noticeably increased since the beginning and he would be an asset to any business.”

Barrie Sharpe, Mercuri Learning & Development Coach

Why geoff?

“The reason I put Geoff forward is that he mentioned to me during a 121 that he was encouraged to go forward for promotion as he was then doing his Level 3 and Rockwell felt that together he had the right skills set and experience for the role. He informed me that doing his apprenticeship gave him the confidence to then pursue being in management and he felt he has developed enough to be in a team leader role. Therefore, he would be an inspiration to others who may be in this position.”

Sarah-Louise Bell, Mercuri Learning & Development Coach

“Sam joined us straight from college and therefore was faced with the new challenge of a workplace environment, he settled in immediately and we have since found he has the ability to learn very quickly. Sam has adapted extremely well to his sales role and contributes new ideas to the team. Since Sam started the Mercuri course he has introduced some new techniques and approaches then applied what he is learning to his everyday duties which I am sure has been important for him. We set Sam a quarterly target after his first three months which he achieved successfully, he was then set an annual target for 2022 which he has already exceeded and we are only in June! Sam has been very good generating new business and we are now looking at his business retention which can be difficult in our sector, I am confident Sam will complete the Mercuri course to a very high standard and be a success in his future career, hopefully in Out of Home Advertising with us!”

Steve Staley, Director, Vision Digital

Vision digital

Vision Digital pride themselves on offering clients the best in roadside Digital Screen Outdoor Advertising. They can offer niche areas where other media companies cannot reach, they also have some of the best locations and provide an advertising platform for local & national advertisers. 

“Leadership is a challenging career path and developing effective leaders takes time and effort from both the individual and organizational perspective. Geoff is demonstrating a real grasp of what it takes to make a positive impact in role and that is rewarding for him, our organization and, inspirational for others who may have similar aspirations.”

Barry Hilton, Managing Director, Mercuri International


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