Sales Strategy Improvement

We make your strategy come to life by aligning teams around the same goals and making sure the company’s message and vision comes across, ensuring that strategy becomes execution.

As award winning Sales Consultants, Mercuri has access to a wide range of tools, expertise and experience to help you win new customers and retain and grow your existing customers.

Winning new customers

Ensuring a steady flow of new customers is good business sense because it:

  • Ensures that your customer base grows to support your overall sales growth objectives
  • Reduces reliance on achieving sales targets through the existing customer base
  • Increases your company’s market presence
  • Enables you to outmanoeuver competitor sales activity

Help you define your new customer ‘selection criteria’ to ensure that overall new customer sales activity is focused on developing a customer base appropriate for your planned market strategy.

Provide robust sales activity management tools to ensure that the quantity of directed sales activity will secure the sales result for each sales quarter and for the financial year overall.

Map and improve your new customer acquisition process to ensure a common, measurable sales approach is adopted which will increase the quantity of sales converted in the sales pipeline.

Uplift the ability of your salesforce to implement best practice. In new customer acquisition enhance your sales approach, from the telephone appointment making stage through to gaining contractual commitment.

Ensure your sales force behaviours provide a key differentiator in the experience of the customer. This will help you outmanoeuver competitor sales force activity.

Retaining and growing existing customers

Why ‘Brick-walling’ your customer base is good business sense:

This sales improvement process enables sales teams and relationship managers to work more extensively with customers in ‘partner’ relationships. Using Brick-Walling will also identify ongoing sales opportunities.

We focus on Sales Improvement

  • Define the tactical, strategic and key account relationships and the level of focus each requires in order to grow sales revenues.
  • Develop commercial teams and sales teams in key account management tools and sales planning techniques that provide a common, measurable approach to relationship development.
  • Coach sales people in the skills required to: Retain and grow their existing key relationships. Lead internal key account teams.

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