Our Mercuri Ambassador – Geoff Bosworth

In Summer 2022, Geoff Bosworth from Rockwell became a Mercuri ambassador and he has since earned a distinction in his Team Leader apprenticeship!

We spoke with Geoff regarding his apprenticeship and what he thought the most challenging part was. He also spoke to us about how his Mercuri apprenticeship helped him become more confident within his role.

What was the most challenging aspect of completing your Mercuri Apprenticeship?

The most challenging aspect was appreciating that I was using the theories and knowledge in my daily routines. I thought I was struggling to fit things in but in reality I was using the tools and techniques and just needed to relate it to the modules and highlight the impact they were having.

Where has it impacted most on your performance in role?

The course highlighted how to recognise the various team dynamics and individual requirements and provided the tools to implement. It helped to identify the gap between adequate and inadequate performance and subsequently offer the training or assistance to improve the skills or knowledge where it was required.

Where has it impacted most on your personal capability?

The course has helped me to be more confident and appreciate that others also see my abilities and strengths. I have learned to give myself credit for the work I have done to get to the next stage, I have demonstrated that I can use the tools, build the relationships and take the actions required.

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100% Distinction rate for our Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship