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Mercuri International

Mercuri International is a global training and consulting organization. We enable commercial excellence by transforming organizations and empowering people, regardless of background or circumstances, to reach their full potential. Our tailored, award winning solutions, from sales training and consulting to quality apprenticeships across a number of areas increase results and achieve commercial success for our clients.

At Mercuri International (UK) Ltd we are committed to becoming a leading nationwide provider of apprenticeship programmes. Our UK head office is in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire and our group headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden.

Talk to us about how we can support you with digital and remote  apprenticeship learning.  To find out about joining the Mercuri team click here, alternatively check out our External Sales Apprentice Vacancies.

Our Vision is to be Be the leading global expert that empowers organizations and people to achieve Sales Excellence.

Our Mission

We deliver sales performance to organizations globally and locally through expertise and customized solutions.

Core values

As an international company with many different cultures and customers, Mercuri International believes in having a common cultural platform that forms the basis for our actions towards each other, customers and stakeholders. These values are:

  • Result oriented
  • Excellence in sales
  • Ability to change
  • Collaboration
  • Honesty and integrity

We aim to live our REACH values, internally as well as in all the work we do.

Our Apprenticeship Vision

Inspiring our learners to achieve career excellence through Apprenticeships.

We aspire to provide the inspirational spark which nurtures raw talent and capability and allows it to develop into the best in can be. By guiding, advising, challenging and supporting our learners, we enable them to reach or exceed the level of career success they aim for.

Our Apprenticeship Mission

To provide a safe, immersive, engaging and supportive environment to enable every learner to explore, achieve and excel in their chosen career path.

Our mission is built around eliminating all possible distractions, worries and stresses that may divert learners from achieving the best outcomes possible in their growth journey. We aim to provide clear, helpful and experiential guidance on all options available in terms of career trajectory. We focus on encouraging learners to step into their stretch zone and excel through personal coaching based on a high trust bond with their Learning and Development Coach.

Apprenticeship values

  • Results orientation in learner achievement.
  • Excellence in delivery, safeguarding and support.
  • Adapting to learner’s individual needs.
  • Care for, inform and guide each learner.
  • Honesty, integrity, inclusivity and ethical focus in all we do.

We aim to live our REACH values internally as well as in all the work we do.

Our Mercuri Apprenticeship values are an adaptation of our Mercuri corporate REACH values. They focus specifically on driving excellence in all aspects of learning, performance, aspiration and care. We have a strong focus on learner physical and mental well-being. We concentrate on strong and open communication between learners, their line management and our own team members. Our values are built around the values of modern apprenticeships – fairness, equality of opportunity, respect, honesty, integrity and fundamental British values.

Learner safety and wellness drives all our activities both internally and externally.  We actively seek opportunities to promote inclusion, eliminate bias and reduce under-representation wherever it exists. We believe in equal career opportunity, aspiration and satisfaction regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, physical ability, learning capability, religion or belief. We strive to place the learner at the centre of everything we do.


”We’ve actually seen the apprentices raise aspiration of our existing staff as well. As they see apprentices coming through CCS Media with potentially a different skill set to them, people across the business are asking for training and development.”

Our history

When Swedish industrialist Curt Abrahamson founded Mercuri International in the 1960s, he was motivated by a strong drive to empower organisations in making their strategy happen. The company started out of an association with Heinz Goldman of the Goldman Institute. The success of Mercuri International’s result focused methods turned this initially Scandinavian sales training company into the global player it is today.
Mercuri International’s success is a direct result of the work of our handpicked experts alongside with strong values and mission.
Our achievements go side-by-side with those made by our clients and partners across pharmaceuticals, professional services, logistics, manufacturing and technology. That is what makes us a leading player globally and locally.

Mercuri has been owned by Bure s.a., a Swedish investment company, since 1997. Through organic growth and acquisitions Mercuri Group has established itself as the leading Sales Consulting and Result Improvement company in the world.

Award winning

Award Winning