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What does levy funded upskilling with Mercuri look like?

You can develop your people through the levy with Mercuri’s new SALES+ Apprenticeship.  Apprenticeships now exist for sales, sales leadership, leadership, project management and customer service roles.

Mercuri – Approved Training provider of the APS

What will levy funded development feel like?

Your learners can train alongside business people from other organizations on scheduled sales training programmes or, as part of customized sessions specific to your industry or company. Their learning pathway is a rich mix of classroom, digital, self-study, coaching and assignment activities. The engagement levels are high and geared toward leading-edge learning theory.

What accredited programmes can we access with levy funding?

A range of Apprenticeship Standards including:

Sales Apprenticeships

The Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship – With a duration of up to eighteen months, this programme is ideal for people responsible for winning, growing and retaining customers or managing key accounts. It is designed to enable those performing as sales professionals who contact prospective customers, respond to enquiries, qualify opportunities and manage the sales process to a successful conclusion.

Leadership and Management

Whether a high potential team member is beginning their leadership journey in your organization or an existing team leader needs to develop a broader and deeper understanding of the skills and behaviours required to lead a successful team, the most suitable leadership qualification can be tailored to fit your learner.

The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship programme means that employers are contributing 0.5% of payroll over £3 million into a levy pot that can only be spent on training and developing their people.

Why is Mercuri the right partner for us?

As a member of the Register of Approved Training Providers, Mercuri International is perfectly placed to be entrusted with the responsibility of developing your people. Our experience will ensure your learners receive consistent, world class, industry recognized and job specific development. With over 5o years nurturing the capability of business and sales leaders, sales and customer facing teams we know how to bring out the best in people.

Find us in the Apprenticeships 4 England directory

  • We will analyze your current situation to ensure available levy funding is optimized in relation to your requirements. 
  • Partner with you to design and tailor an operationally sustainable journey for both the learner and your organization. 
  • Deliver a world class learning experience and support your people towards their qualifications.

The opportunity now exists to upskill your current team or, develop new talent through your levy contribution: From sales apprenticeships to sales leadership, team leader and customer service and so much more..

Mercuri’s Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship programme is designed for those performing as sales advisors, who contact prospective customers, respond to enquiries, qualify opportunities and manage the sales process to a signed order.

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