Improve your sales processes

Sales Management Process Efficiency

Why measuring and improving sales management efficiency is good business sense:

  • It allows you to benchmark how effective your sales managers actually are
  • It provides clear insights into where good practice exists
  • It enables you to prioritise sales management development more precisely
  • It ensures you know what quality of sales management exists and how it should improve

How Mercuri can help

  • We can analyse the current efficiency levels of your sales management team and provide an accurate measurement against pre-researched world class benchmarks.
  • We will tell you how likely it is that your sales managers will achieve future sales targets and provide a direct correlation between their existing sales management efficiency ‘score’ and how this relates to sales result actualisation.
  • We will highlight where exposures exist in current sales management efficiency, what is required and in what order of priority, to strengthen overall sales management effectiveness.
  • We can help you identify the specific sales management behaviours required in order to increase sales result predictability.
  • We can provide a clear, proven, robust Sales Management Process that will ensure a common, measurable approach to sales result fulfillment.

To find out more about how Mercuri can help you please call us on: +44 (0) 330 9000 800 or email

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