Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship Level 3

Mercuri’s SALES+ Customer Service Apprenticeship programme is eligible for funding through your Apprenticeship Levy.  Created by Customer Service experts to ensure your professionals excel in their role and deliver an excellent, impactful customer experience.

Blended and remote learning

Undertaking an Apprenticeship will ensure your professionals have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to consistently deliver outstanding customer service, within all sectors. Delivered through a programme of blended and remote learning methods it is an ideal learning platform for home working. Find out how one of our apprentices has discovered huge advantages from learning remotely

Your customer service apprenticeship journey starts here

Ideal for all your customer service team, experienced and newly appointed. Over a period of up to fifteen months this programme will enable customer service advocates to hone their knowledge of the customer journey. They will manage requests, complaints and queries, acting as an escalation point as and when required.  

The customer service apprenticeship modules include:

  1. On-boarding with a focus on “Excellence in Customer Service”
  2. Business knowledge
  3. The impact of service: Business knowledge part two
  4. The customer service professional
  5. Customer insight
  6. Positive customer experience
  7. Service improvement
  8. Continuous professional development

“The training has provided a great platform for us to continue to strive for outstanding customer service.”


They will also become experts in your products and services:

  • Recognising and converting opportunities
  • Cross-selling and securing repeat business.
  • Gather and analyse data utilising customer experience to influence organisational improvement.

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