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Innovative, engaging learning and sales training, built around you the learner

What is the Mercuri Digital Learning Centre?

Mercuri’s Digital Learning Centre develops modular, customizable sales training that embraces the way we learn. Presenting information in a flexible, intuitive format for learners to digest.

Sales Training – Anytime, Anywhere, On any device.

Mercuri Digital Learning Centre

Your feedback

“Well done! Digital learning very structured,very clear, conveys meaning and is reassuring for learners. It’s great to make available for each individual, modules they can view and review whenever they want.”

“We had to spend less and achieve more with an ever expanding global team. How can we do that? We had to train them all without face to face workshops and without any travel expenses or time lost driving or flying. Impossible! That’s what we thought……”

“Digital is clearly the answer but we had to know that our people could learn and retain their new knowledge, The Reinforcement app achieved that. We had to know they would engage and participate, the modules achieved that. Mercuri helped us achieve our objectives. We did it! And we will keep doing it to win!” 

Digital Learning Experience

Blended Learning is today more than the mere juxtaposition of classroom sales training and e-learning modules. Our blended learning paths also include online:

  • Bespoke, modular sales training content built around your learning style.
  • Assessments to create commitment and motivation among the participants
  • Rapid learning modules: a simple, economic and customized preparation to the workshop
  • Operational workshops primarily dedicated to putting knowledge into practice
  • Coaching, synchronous or asynchronous, to support and follow-up implementation
  • Practice sharing and case studies with the community for continuous improvement
  • Reinforcement apps and online assessments at the end of the path to measure progress

The Digital Learning Centre uses artificial intelligence, customer-focused e-learning, virtual instructor led sales training workshops and knowledge retention technology as a cost-effective way of developing your team. It also accurately measures the impact of your learning and your return on investment.

Benefits include:

  • Cost effective – Zero travel or hotel costs.
  • Save Time – Increase time with customers as you minimize downtime vs. face to face events.
  • Quantifiable return on investment.
  • Personal – Learn at your preferred time and location anywhere in the world.
  • Flexible and comprehensive – Select from our huge library of multi-lingual content and/or integrate with your own internal content.

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