Enable sales excellence by transforming your organizations and empowering your people to reach their full potential.

Sales training


Mercuri’s SALES+ Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship programme has been created by sales experts to ensure your remote sales professionals have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to sell successfully and consistently.

Sales Apprenticeships

Customized Sales Training

By assessing your needs we create the perfect remote sales training programme to meet your challenges, on an individual and organizational level.

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Digital Learning

Modular, customizable sales training solutions that embrace the way we learn and understands that people and the companies they work for are all different.

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Global Reach

We coach across sales teams and borders - helping you to align sales across the whole organization. Our teams can help you locally, remotely and internationally.

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The Key To Success

In our remote world how do you keep Key Account Management personal?

Next generation KAM

Our Learning Approach

Our customized learning solutions are designed to grow your people and grow your business

To help you achieve growth we offer two complementary solutions: Sales Consulting and Sales Training. We inspire your sales teams to outperform, bringing Virtual Learning to where your employees are.

Professional Sales Training
  • Return On Investment
  • Achieve Sales Excellence

The Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship, designed to support remote learning, has been created by sales experts to ensure your sales professionals have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to sell successfully and consistently.

Develop your sales people
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Funded, professional sales training

Don't be an accidental manager. Our CMI accredited leadership programmes, both the Team Leader Level 3 and Operations / Departmental Manager Level 5 are designed for aspiring managers and more experienced managers.

Leadership and management training
  • CMI accredited management development
  • Remote learning

Mercuri’s portfolio of readily available digital learning paths is the quickest and easiest way to put your teams on the path to sales success, with learning modules for business-critical skills.

Discover your path to sales success
  • Digital learning paths for sales teams available right now
  • Multiple options available for every requirement

Our approach

Grow Your People

No matter what your business, it’s only as good as your people. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to keep them motivated & engaged - and great training and development programmes holds the secret.

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Sales Apprenticeships designed for you

The Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship - Develop new and existing sales talent through your levy contribution.

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Immediate Sales IMPACT

Sales development that yields immediate results. Yes, you’ll see demonstrable activity change in 8 weeks with a sales apprenticeship. Don't just take our word for it.

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So many different Apprenticeships...

Our Apprenticeships Consultants can support you with your levy strategy. Talk to us about Apprenticeships in Sales, Customer Service, Team Leading and Operations Management

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”We are excited to be working with you in creating our next generation of Sales Executives!”


”Our people still had a learning path despite two lockdowns! So, when it comes to ‘digital’…digital means to be able to continue offering great training and nourishing a sense of community when conventional social interactions are not possible – maintaining the cohesion and motivation of the whole group.”

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"Our Academy, powered by Mercuri, is adding real value to customer engagement processes."


"At Toyota, we place high demands on our leaders and therefore we have very high demands on the consultants we work with in leadership development. Mercuri has become a close partner in our pan-European leadership program and is appreciated by all our participating leaders. In addition to having a high uniform level of their deliveries, they are very easy to work with and take clear responsibility and ownership for their parts in the program"

Fredrik Fjellstedt


"We can immediately see the impact of Mercuri’s Selling At My Best. We have had the highest engagement scores in the history of the company – 91% compared to a previous best of 81%. Our year on year result is 40% up compared to the same time last year."

Dan Buckingham

Virgin Holidays

Global and local sales excellence expertise

Our global work

Generating growth on a global basis takes more than just good intentions. It demands the ability to adjust continuously and learn new skills. It also means taking on new roles when interacting with customers, in order to win and retain their loyalty. With us as your partner, your business units will obtain the necessary competencies to make your international strategies succeed by:

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