National Apprenticeship Week

Mercuri International are taking part in National Apprenticeship Week by celebrating a number of our past and present apprentices for ‘5 Days of Excellence’. We are celebrating all of the hard work our learners have put into their apprenticeship and all of their success so far.

National Apprenticeship Week 2023 is the 16th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships.

The week brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Samantha Parsons, Account Manager at Royal Mail finished her apprenticeship in March 2022 achieving a Distinction in her Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeship! Sam spoke to us about life after her apprenticeship and what she thought of the course.

“I am an Account Manager at Royal Mail and I completed the Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeship in March 2022. Initially it was difficult getting back into learning and making sure I found the time to complete the allocated work. Once I booked a regular slot in my calendar each week dedicated to the course I found it easier. Along with learning new tools and method to use in my job. My fellow colleagues on the course really helped me as I used them to talk through the assignment with. We also used the course tools in a sale so we could learn from each other. Since completing my apprenticeship I have continued to embed the tools into my daily sales role. Assessing the opportunities to go for and how to make your pitch/presentation stand out.”

“I have been in sales a number of years so some of the course work was a great reminder of sales disciplines that are easy to let slip.”

Samantha Parsons – Royal Mail

Sam was committed to her apprenticeship from the start, and was very disciplined in her approach, Royal Mail were under enormous pressure during the pandemic, Sam continued to work diligently through her programme, her focus and determination rewarded her with the highest accolade a well-deserved Distinction in her L4 Sales Apprenticeship and a Diploma from the Institute of Sales Professionals, we are very proud of her achievement in difficult circumstances.

Vanessa Healey Gwilliam, Sales Lead, Mercuri International

“The SEL4 apprenticeship has helped Sam to make a challenging change in role from a specialist to generalist sales position. Sam has excelled in personal development actively seeking out knowledge relevant to her new role and calling on learning from her apprenticeship. During her study, Sam managed to deliver high performance across all goals at the same time as studying towards her Sales Apprenticeship in which she achieved a well-deserved distinction.”

Sean Hickey, Regional Sales Manager, Royal Mail

Skills For Life

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2023 is “Skills for Life”; reflecting on how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and businesses to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with future-ready skills.