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Help your commercial and customer focused teams deliver outstanding results with sales development funded through the levy.

The Mercuri Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship supports remote learning and remote working. Talk to us about how we can help you with this on 0330 9000 800.

Sales Apprenticeships

Mercuri’s SALES+ Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship programme has been created by sales experts to ensure your sales professionals have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to sell successfully and consistently. Funded by your Apprenticeship Levy contribution, it is ideal for both experienced and newly appointed sales staff. On completion of their learning journey your sales apprentices will have the confidence and competence to demonstrate sales mastery as well as a professional qualification.

The Level 4 Sales Executive is a higher appprenticeship, it is the equiavalent of the first year of a bachelors programme or HNC (Higher National Certificate).

Remote learning with an apprenticeship

The integrated blended learning approach that we use for the Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship programme not only supports and engages different learner styles it also supports remote learning. Learning that you and your apprentices can do from home! Read about how one of our apprentices has seen their confidence rocket through remote learning.

“We’re seeing benefits…including a 16% increase in our average order value.”

Rob Omar, CCS Media

Building confidence

Graduate commercial engineers, experienced sales professionals, new Account Manager recruits; our apprentices come from all different backgrounds. The common factor is the benefits they and their employers are seeing. Our apprentices share their stories.

What you could achieve

Your SALES+ Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship journey starts here

The Sales Apprenticeship Level 4 standard lasts up to 18 months and will enable those who are responsible for winning, growing and retaining customers to work efficiently and effectively through the whole sales cycle from qualifying opportunities all the way to getting an order, cross-selling and securing repeat business.

The SALES+ Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship Programme

Starting with on-boarding your Sales Apprentices will complete 13 blended learning modules, a combination of business critical and sales competences:

Blended learning modules of the Sales Apprenticeship
  1. On-boarding
  2. Customer Engagement
  3. Vision, Value and Strategy
  4. Customer and Market Understanding
  5. The Sales Person
  6. Understanding Customer Needs
  7. Sales Planning
  8. Presenting Solutions
  9. Handling Objections and Closing
  10. Financial Understanding
  11. Pro-activity & Relationship Building
  12. Negotiating
  13. Continuous Professional Development

At our Sales Networking Event Anne Ashworth from Pearson discussed The Power of Apprenticeships

How we do it

The SALES+ Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship programme is delivered through a combination of integrated, multi-format learning methods. From digital learning experiences to personalized training with certified instructors.

Employer Benefits

Learner Benefits

Why Mercuri?

  • 60 years track record of improving sales performance globally.
  • Access award winning commercial sales training via your Apprenticeship levy fund.
  • Approved training provider of the Association of Professional Sales
  • Delivery by experienced Mercuri sales professionals.
  • Sales expertise to align the Apprenticeship to your business requirements.
  • Recognized Mercuri sales concepts, methods and tools embedded within the Apprenticeship.
  • Proven diagnostic tools: Assess and identify specific development needs.
  • Quantify performance improvement.
Mercuri – Approved Training Provider

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