Team Leader Apprenticeship Level 3

Your Team Leader Apprenticeship journey starts here

During the Mercuri Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship programme your learners will be introduced to a variety of management styles. This will assist them to effectively build relationships and motivate their staff and colleagues. They will understand the tools to develop and mentor their teams, allowing them to reach their full potential. Equipping them to solve problems, manage resources, achieve goals and build stakeholder relationships in line with organisational strategy. 

Remote learning

Our team leader apprenticeship is delivered through a combination of blended and remote learning. An integrated blended approach to learning not only supports and engages different learner styles it also supports remoteworking

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“I think the biggest impact was the team’s new found understanding of how to  deal with critical situations or difficult customers and the importance of their roles within the organization and the impact they have in our overall success.” 

Hecny Group, Director of Sales 
Arm your team with the competences to lead

The Team Leader Apprenticeship Journey

Starting with on-boarding your apprentices will complete 9 blended learning modules, a combination of business critical and leadership competencies.

  1. On-boarding
  2. Leadership and the leader
  3. Managing people
  4. Operational management
  5. Communication and relationship building
  6. Financial understanding
  7. Decision making
  8. Project Management
  9. Continuous Professional Development

At Toyota, we place high demands on our leaders and therefore we have very high demands on the consultants we work with in leadership development. 
Mercuri has become a close partner in our pan-European leadership program and is appreciated by all our participating leaders. In addition to having a high uniform level of their deliveries, they are very easy to work with and take clear responsibility and ownership for their parts in the program.


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