Team Leader – Supervisor apprenticeship achieved with Civil Enforcement & Traffic Regulation

My apprenticeship journey with my tutor Sarah-Louise was truly transformative and rewarding. Having a dedicated and helpful mentor made a significant difference in my professional development. My experience during the apprenticeship has had a profound impact on my growth as an individual and success in my role at work. Gaining knowledge, experience, and determination through my apprenticeship has not only helped me excel in my current position but has also equipped me with the skills necessary to lead a successful team, which resulted in my team winning a national award “Park Mark” for our Multistorey Car Parks which is a testament to the hard work and dedication my team have put into their work.

Luke Moore, Transport Facilities Manager, Civil Enforcement & Traffic Regulation

During Luke’s apprenticeship, he remained professional and dedicated, it was particularly hard in some aspects of his standards in being able to find relevant evidence owing to that he was in a senior rather than management role.

However, Luke was not deterred, remained focused, and determined to achieve what he set out to acquire. This then soon paid off as during the latter part of his apprenticeship Luke acquired a managerial position and has striven to succeed.

Sarah-Louise Bell Learning and Development coach