Operations Departmental Manager apprenticeship L5 Pass

Rebecca Lopez, STAR Team Leader, New Parks Team, Leicester City Council

Having had a bit of a bumpy start to my apprenticeship, I cannot thank my Learning and Development Coach and all the team enough, for the support given to get me back on track and through my Level 5 apprenticeship.  The learning and skills I have gained from my apprenticeship, have led to me being successfully recruited to a program manager post and I can thoroughly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone who is considering it.

Rebecca Lopez

I inherited Rebecca and was asked to support her through her Level 5 apprenticeship, I immediately could detect that she was a keen and well driven individual who have every expectation to achieve and steer her career to greater heights.

Rebecca was able to link her knowledge to her skills and behaviours reflecting on areas that has she was aware needed to be developed.

Rebecca was a very good mentor to those who also were partaking in their apprenticeship offering them guidance and support. She achieved both her Diploma and her Standards under immense pressure within her job role as well as changing roles and only working part time. Thoroughly pleased for her an amazing achievement.

Sarah-Louise Bell, Learning and Development coach