HS2 Apprentice Achieves Distinction in Level 3 Team Leader and Supervisor Course

Polly Liston Caley recently completed her Team Leader L3 with distinction at HS2, read her feedback below.

I recently got my results for my level 3 team leader and supervisor course (distinction).  This course has pushed me and I’ve become more confident as the days went on. Throughout my course I have had Amanda Mort guide me through it, and I know I couldn’t have done it without her.

Amanda would be there whenever I needed her and even if she was busy she’d always come back to me as quickly as possible. It was always a pleasure speaking to her at our monthly meets. 

Going into my EPA, Amanda prepared me for my assessment day and gave me all the tools and skill I needed to pass.

I want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me and any person would be lucky to have you as their tutor throughout this process.  

Polly Liston Caley

Polly had the drive and enthusiasm to learn from the start and has had great support from her new current employer HS2, and Polly’s manager, Iain Smith. Polly moved employer during her apprenticeship and HS2 were more than happy to take over with the Levy payment for the Team Leader Apprenticeship so Polly could fulfill her wish to complete on time, which was processed quickly thanks to Head of HR at HS2 Emma Bisseker.

As well as starting in a brand new role as Team Co-Ordinator in the Systems and Services Department in Jan 23, Polly also achieved going into gateway in June a full 2 months earlier than planned, which was a massive achievement.

Polly’s time management, attention to detail, and gained knowledge was demonstrated in the quality of her evidence which was produced timely and was used as the basis for one of her EPA assessments. A well-deserved Distinction has been awarded to Polly, who was a pleasure to develop and nurture and I wish Polly all the best in her future career at HS2.

Amanda Mort – Learning and Development coach