Bertan Yilmaz of Luxoft gives us his feedback on his recent apprenticeship experience

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I just wanted to highlight a message about my learning development coach – Mark Brooks, considering I have just completed my apprenticeship.

Bertan Yilmaz

I met Mark a few months into my apprenticeship where my recent LDC had left, and I just wanted to express how thankful I am to have had Mark.

Mark was the archetype of a great mentor, he was patient, persistent and understanding. Throughout my entire apprenticeship journey, not once did I have a problem with Mark, nor did I ever feel as though I couldn’t message/call him when I needed some type of assistance, in my eyes this is what a coach is supposed to be, someone who is willing to make time in their day and assist their student in becoming the best possible version of their selves.

Very few times in life have I been so positively impacted by a person that I’d like to think that I’ll remember them for life, Mark is one of those people.

Bertan Yilmaz