Apprentice Success: Mark Brooks Goes the Extra Mile

Harry Ward
Mettex – Troy – Fasteners
L4 Sales Executive

As I have recently received my results from my Level 4 Sales Executives Apprenticeship (Pass) which I was undertaking with yourselves, I thought I would use this opportunity to say what a positive experience my tutor (Mark Brooks) made it.

Mark had the challenge of taking me on midway through my apprenticeship due to the untimely departure of my previous tutor.

If it were not for Mark being available day or night, rain or sun, I do not think I would have walked into my EPA as confidently as I did.

I cannot speak highly enough of Mark and his contribution in readying me for my EPA as well as seeing I thoroughly understood each and every unit we covered.

Hopefully, Mark will receive the recognition that I believe he most definitely deserves.

Harry Ward

Harry is an excellent addition to the Sales Office here at Mettex. Harry’s understanding of what we strive for at Mettex down to the products we sell to customers’ requirements and needs are second  to none. With exceptional customer service skills, Harry is a reliable and valued member of the Mettex team.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Harry.

Carl Hill – Operations Manager, Mettex