A fantastic achievement for Nilesh, who openly discusses his challenges with dyslexia, achieving a well deserved distinction in his team leader apprenticeship.

Nilesh Ruda, an Operational Development Supervisor in the Construction Training Centre of Excellence with Leicester City Council recently achieved a Distinction for a Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship.

I have recently completed my CMI level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship, I wanted to thank the team at Mercuri especially my Learning and Development Coach for the support that was given during the programme.  Having gone through some difficult personal issues plus having dyslexia, has made it really challenging when it came to self-study and staying focused, but my Learning and Development Coach always made herself available for me and supported me even during times of crisis.  They understood my dyslexia and adapted the coaching to suit my learning needs.

In preparation for my EPA, I reached out to my learning and development coach for support and even though it was her day off she took the time to explain the process and gave me the confidence that I needed.  I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for all your support during the whole program.  I couldn’t have achieved my distinction without your guidance.

Nilesh Ruda, Operational Development Supervisor, Construction Training Centre of Excellence, Leicester City Council

Nilesh was a capable and hard working learner that always wanted to excel within his area. He embraced the apprenticeship and over come the challenges that he was presented with and this increased his confidence. I was proud of the success he made through completing his Team Leading Level 3.

Sarah Louise Bell – Learning and Development Coach

Right from my first engagement with Nilesh and his manager, I had the feeling that he would achieve a distinction, he has been an engaged and dedicated learner, dealing with his Dyslexia, Nilesh was engaging in group sessions and always had a smile, it has been an absolute pleasure to support him and play a very small part in his achievement!

Vanessa Healey Gwilliam – Sales and Apprenticeship Consultant Lead