Immediate SALES Impact? Don’t just take our word for it

You’ll see demonstrable activity change in 8 weeks with a sales apprenticeship

Sales leaders are under pressure to achieve short term, demonstrable performance uplift as the economy emerges from hibernation. We frequently hear:

“Apprenticeships are great but they are too slow burn. We need to show results now and that is difficult.”

Apprenticeship Myth 1

Another approach being adopted is to potentially risk the rare chance to get off to a good start by simply telling sales teams to ‘get out there and make some noise’. This is an understandable but avoidable mistake. With 60 years of experience improving sales results, Mercuri International know how to kick start the sales engine first time and respond to client needs to get a quick result. The answer? Very simple. The Sales Executive Level 4 qualification.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Already we are seeing targets being exceeded, performance improved and customer experience prioritised.”

Pearson UK

” i would recommend this course to anyone within the sales indistry, no matter how experienced”

Nicole Bensted, Vistry Homes

“Apprenticeships follow a very structured format which does not allow for flexibility.”

Apprenticeship Myth 2

What sales team’s need right now, is a plan. By prioritizing the topic and moving our Sales Planning module to the beginning of the learner journey, sales teams and their leaders, can be confident of making the right moves in that ‘once only’ moment of start-up.

What’s Involved?

  • Fine tuning the Value message.
  • Prioritizing prospects.
  • Quantifying activity plans.
  • Setting short and medium term performance objectives beyond simple top line revenue.

This is what we are expert in. That’s where we can help you solve the short term expectation of ExCos, Boards and Shareholders. You don’t have to wait 18 months for a certificate. You’ll see demonstrable activity change in 8 weeks. Then, your team can continue their journey toward sales excellence.


What is stopping you?

Sales take time to find, cultivate and close. Three to four months is a safe average gestation period across industries. With that in mind, it is perplexing that many UK companies continue to hunker down and wait for the all clear siren.