Apprenticeships, what’s stopping you?

Sales take time to find, cultivate and close. Three to four months is a safe average gestation period across industries. With that in mind, it is perplexing that many UK companies continue to hunker down and wait for the all clear siren. When that happens, many salespeople will get trampled in the stampede.

Things will amplify from silence to cacophony in record time and, any hope of making a dent in the 2020 result will have past by for those who start the engine late. Those organizations currently getting their teams doing circuits and toning up on the touchlines are have most chance of  grabbing something back from this year. What is currently stopping you?

Develop your commercial teams and sales professionals with apprenticeships and see demonstrable change in 8 weeks

We have adapted the Higher Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship programme to ensure you can see sales impact and demonstrable activity change in 8 weeks. Your sales people will start with the IMMEDIATE IMPACT module which will give them the ability to choose the best opportunities, and refine their skills to follow those to completion in the most effective way with the most convincing offer.