The very word “interview” can strike terror in to many job seekers

Visions of being interrogated and placed in a spotlight are conjured up at the very word.

The very word "interview" can strike terror in to many job seekers.

Here’s a small starting tip for acing your next interview.

Take the power away for the word “interview” and replace it with “conversation”. Change your mindset and view your upcoming “interview” as more of the opportunity to discover more about a particular role you have applied for. See it as a two way conversation. An opportunity to discover more about the role and the company you may potentially be working for.

See how that pressure suddenly leaves you ? When your mindset changes to how you view an interview funny things happen. You realise that you have an equal part in the process and you can ask questions, you feel more in control and empowered and will come accross more as your genuine self.

Who knows but using this small trick, after the interview, you may feel the role is not for you! Think about that and go in to your next interview open minded, ready with questions and view it that your simply exploring a possible new opportunity for yourself!