National apprenticeship week 2024 highlights ‘Skills for Life’

Mercuri Apprenticeships are proud to support and deliver apprenticeships in England.

We support your business to grow and your learners to succeed.

Firstly, we need to address the myth, apprenticeships are for all 16 to 65

Why hire an Apprentice you say.. are they very young?

NO they are available and suitable for anyone at any age 16 to 65

Oh, I didn’t realize Apprenticeships are also available for current employees..

They absolutely are and the benefits are priceless!

These are really common comments heard on a regular basis

Reasons for considering apprenticeships:

  • Motivate, engage and upskill your staff, boost workforce skills and increase performance
  • Future proof your business, improve morale, encourage employee satisfaction, and support with succession planning and your growth strategy, reduce turnover
  • Close skills gaps, quickly and effectively
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Free recruitment for new hires
  • Apprenticeships utilize government funding, learners are either fully funded or 95% funded, if you have a Levy don’t waste it!
  • Apprenticeship value – 86% of employers stated that their organization benefited from developing skills through apprenticeship hire
  • You choose the most relevant apprenticeship for your business and the role of the learner, the learner remains productive as they learn, adding value and new ideas, often coaching and encouraging others

What’s not to like..

We proudly offer Leadership, Sales and IT Sales apprenticeships, Customer Services, Business Administration, Content creator, and coming soon… Multi channel marketer

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