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Industry and Solution Partners

We work in partnership with companies all over the world. Our approach is collaborative, working with strategic partners, learning solutions partners, and commercial partners to deliver innovative sales training and sales improvement solutions:

Association of Professional Sales

As an Approved Sales Training Provider of the Association of Professional Sales we are working with them on the delivery of the Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship.  Talk to one of our Apprenticeship Consultants now.

Elephants Don’t Forget

Bridging the gap between training and learning with Nelly, the knowledge retention app – proven to sustain learning. Read how we worked with Honeywell to transform learning using Virtual Training and Nelly from Elephants Don’t Forget


Serious & FUN Games for Learning, Sales Training and Change – Celemi create the tools you need to make difficult information easy to understand.  Mercuri International is a Celemi solution provider


As a McQuaig Consulting Partner we will work with you to optimize the McQuaig Psychometric System – A profiling tool that enables you to benchmark a role, recruit to its requirements, develop & retain your stars.  Using McQuaig will help you and your business improve team cohesion and communication.

Cross Knowledge

Mercuri International is a long term strategic partner with Cross Knowledge. The partnership covers the use of digital learning and management modules to enrich Mercuri’s sales training offer. We use CrossKnowledge technologies to develop, manage and roll out training packages, and the development of best practices relating to blended learning performance measurement.

In partnership in the UK, the UAE and worldwide

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