Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Level 5

This Level 5 Management Apprenticeship combines Mercuri’s consultative approach to supporting experienced and new managers with:

  • Planning Strategies
  • Managing People and Teams
  • Information and Budgets

The Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship programme can also be delivered leveraging our unique Sales Offering.

The Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Journey

Your learners will gain a complete understanding of the four critical areas of management:

  • Organisational performance
  • Managing people and developing relationships
  • Managing self
  • Delivering results
Delivering results

How we do it

Our Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship programme is delivered through a combination of learning methods. From digital learning experiences to personalized training with certified instructors.

Mercuri’s Blended Learning

Knowledge modules are content rich and incorporate:

  • Organisational Performance – delivering results
  • Operational Management
  • Project Management
  • Business finance
  • Interpersonal Excellence – managing people and developing relationships
  • Leading People
  • Leadership styles
  • Managing People
  • Developing high performing teams.
  • Performance management techniques
  • Building Relationships
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Self -Awareness
  • Decision Making