Sales Improvement Consulting

Providing insight to drive performance

Bringing about a change in results is achieved by making adjustments in key areas. 

Our focus is always on results, so together with our client we build a project plan that begins with the end in mind and works back to ensure all risks have been minimized.  Implementation tools are built in at the start of the process to ensure they are given the visibility and resource needed to work.

Building a robust implementation plan

We work with you using intelligence from the analysis stage, to provide insight and advise on the ways to optimise sales performance.  Our toolkit and business planning process will help you create a sales plan that captures the key factors of performance and defines how results can be achieved.

Tools to improve results

Mercuri has strong diagnostic and solution focused capability in the field of Sales Improvement. By this we refer to Sales Role definition, Role Competence Profiling and Improvement, Sales Organisational Structure, Sales Compensation Plans, Sales Process Mapping and Improvement, Sales Activity Planning, Pipeline Management and Forecasting Improvement. We are also able to assess and benchmark your sales operation against best in class.

Assess and develop your current level of effectiveness in areas such as:

We will be able to support your requirements to whatever degree is necessary to achieve the next performance step in your business.