Our sales apprentices share their stories

Mercuri’s Sales Apprentices discuss how undertaking a Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship has helped them:

  • Develop their sales career
  • Improve their confidence
  • Enhance their communication skills

Commercial Apprentice Amber Lea from Portakabin is an amazing advocate for Apprenticeships.

Watch the video to hear about the benefits she has found by undertaking a Sales Apprenticeship.

Developing a career in sales

Amber’s story: “I always had an interest in completing a high level apprenticeship and always thought about a career in Sales. Undertaking the Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship at Portakabin with Mercuri has enabled me to start my career successfully. The new skills, knowledge and behaviours I’m learning have really helped to boost my confidence in this sales role. My apprenticeship programme has already offered me a wide range of skills and a route to future employment. Colleagues at Portakabin always involve me in a variety of projects and I really appreciate the responsibilities they give me to support them in the workplace.


The main challenge I have faced since starting my apprenticeship is learning how to balance my workload! It is really important to me to get things right the first time and to the highest possible standard. I ensure I prioritise my time effectively to ensure all my Mercuri sales apprenticeship and Portakabin workloads are balanced. Remote learning has definitely taught me to be more focused and strict with myself, especially surrounding deadlines. The support I receive from my LDC at Mercuri has been excellent. The greatest lesson  I have learnt so far, is to work with a diverse team with different skill sets and sales experience.  Often, I will adapt my approach to complete tasks which I believe will build on my sales techniques. A collaborative approach has really benefited my experience at Portakabin.

My advice for future apprenticeships would be to jump at every opportunity that is offered to you, this will help to boost confidence in your new apprenticeship role.

Taking every opportunity that comes to me has enabled me to be excited to see where my career journey at Portakabin will take me, especially with the support I have received from Mercuri. There has been many situations that have made me feel out of my comfort zone, however,  these situations have helped me to grow and develop in my role. I am so glad that I looked beyond traditional routes and into employment and explored the diversity of career options available to me through an apprenticeship programme.

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