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Do you manage a portfolio of clients using effective account penetration techniques to ensure customer retention?

In our Global Sales Excellence study, covering 926 respondents, the highest performing companies said that each member of their sales team has a systematic account management planning process for each of their customers.

We work with companies to help improve their approach to Account Management in the following areas:

  • Maximising customer revenues through selling the complete portfolio profitably.
  • Effective cross selling and up selling within accounts.
  • Defining and communicating  the real tangible value they can bring to their Key Accounts.
  • Effective use of account planning tools and processes to achieve account growth and enable decision making for resource investment.
  • Virtual Account Team Leadership and Management.
  • Ensuring that solution, services and product delivery meets and exceeds customer expectation.

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Siemens work with Mercuri to enhance sales performance

If you would like to know more about how we helped Siemens address some of these issues, please click on the videos link below.  You can either go through the whole journey or dip into one of the topics listed here.

  • Why Siemens chose Mercuri – Why did Siemens choose Mercuri International.
  • Analysis – What analysis did we do to ensure that our solution focussed on the issues that would make the most difference to Siemens.
  • Sales Consultancy – How did we work together to build the solutions.
  • Training – What did the training include.
  • Implementation – How was the training implemented.
  • Consolidation – How was the initial implementation consolidated.
  • Advice to Others – What advice would Siemens give to others who have a similar situation.
  • Outcomes – What has been the effect on the business and the people.

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