IT and Telecoms

Powerful forces affect this fast moving sector. Mercuri International provides innovative and sector specific methods delivering Powerful Sales Training and Sales Performance for the major technology and telecommunications players

”MAKING A REAL BUSINESS DIFFERENCE – We have been working with Mercuri globally for the last three year developing, delivering and measuring the business impact of the NegGOtiate2WIN training program. Using Mercuri’s core concepts as the basis, we have adapted and tailored the practice elements, role plays and simulated situations, to be 100% applicable throughout the business, sectors, countries and cultures. Working this way has also enabled the program to resonate across the full spectrum of our global sales organisation from Key Account Directors to new starters in the sales teams. We are delighted to announce that this has been one of our award-winning programs. ”


Why do technology companies keep coming back to Mercuri?

We have worked with over 80% of the major players in the last 5 years and for over 50 years we have been servicing the industry helping them meet global challenges.

How can we help with today’s key challenges?

Differentiation – no longer does the technology itself offer sustainable differentiation – in order to create a differentiated perception we need to consider all of the company’s resources beyond the product technology. We have helped sales teams in communicating this difference to their customers.

Margin erosion – due to commoditisation of many technologies – to protect margins we have helped our clients in communicating the value that their organisations resources can bring to their customers. For sales management we have developed programs that help them in defining and executing margin recovery strategies. For sales people we have helped develop the skills to negotiate the best initial deal and to sell high margin products and services.

Globalisation of their client base – we have helped Global and Strategic Account Managers manage their virtual teams, cross sell and up sell to enable them to grow their share of wallet.

Professional Procurement managing the full supply chain – we have developed strategies and tactics to manage their customers procurement demands.

Our solutions are built depending on the challenges, typically they include:

  • Analysis to prioritise the critical issues
  • Development of the skills, process and methods resolve the critical issues.
  • Global Account Management
  • New Hire Sales.
  • Management coaching
  • Strategic Management Planning and Execution.
  • Sales Process and Pipeline Management
  • Skills Development for Pipeline and Process Improvement
  • Local country or market solutions
  • Global solutions delivered in local language and with people from the local culture.

Our expertise has been developed not only in your industry but also in the larger verticals you operate – some of your clients are probably ours too.

Have you considered developing your commercial team with a sales apprenticeship?

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