Sales Improvement – Winning new customers

Winning new customers and understanding the new buying behaviours

A steady flow of new customers is good business sense – Discover how to do this:

  • Grow your customer base to support your overall sales growth objectives using Opportunity to Order. Opportunity to Order is a different kind of sales training, use it to create more “wins” when pursuing identified opportunities.
  • Reduce your reliance on achieving sales targets through the existing customer base. Consider which clients bring the highest value to the organisation and why. Our Sales Platform methodology helps you explores how to manage the sales pipeline and find new sales opportunities.
  • Keep ahead of the competition. Six Battlefields is a one day customised sales training workshop. Use this approach to identify the six fields in which it is essential to measure up against the competition and impress the customer.
  • Differentiated Selling recognises that not every customer is the same: Some know exactly what they want and who they want to buy from. Others know only that they have a business problem to fix or opportunity to exploit but have no idea how to do it or who to go to.

We focus on sustainable sales improvement

  • How to define your new customer ‘selection criteria’ to ensure that new customer sales activity is focused on developing a customer base appropriate for your planned market strategy.
  • Provide robust sales activity management tools to ensure that the quantity of directed sales activity will secure the sales result for each sales quarter.
  • Map and improve new customer acquisition process to ensure a common, measurable sales approach is adopted. This will increase the quantity of sales converted in the sales pipeline.
  • Develop the ability of sales teams with sales training and sales apprenticeships. Implement best practice new customer acquisition sales approaches. From the telephone appointment making stage through to gaining contractual commitment.
  • Ensure your sales force behaviours provide a key differentiator in the experience of the customer and hence outmanoeuver competitor sales force activity.

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“They are simple and effective techniques and processes that allow the sales person or role to adapt these as necessary.” 


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