Winning new customers

Winning new customers and understanding the new buying behaviours

Why ensuring a steady flow of new customers is good business sense:

How Mercuri can help

  • Help you define your new customer ‘selection criteria’ to ensure that overall new customer sales activity is focused on developing a customer base appropriate for your planned market strategy.
  • Provide robust sales activity management tools to ensure that the quantity of directed sales activity will secure the sales result for each sales quarter and for the financial year overall
  • Map and improve your new customer acquisition process to ensure a common, measurable sales approach is adopted which will increase the quantity of sales converted in the sales pipeline.
  • Uplift the ability of your salesforce to implement best practice new customer acquisition sales approaches from the telephone appointment making stage through to gaining contractual commitment.
  • Ensure your sales force behaviours provide a key differentiator in the experience of the customer and hence outmanoeuver competitor sales force activity.

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“They are simple and effective techniques and processes that allow the sales person or role to adapt these as necessary.” 

Winning new customers

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