How to beat the competition

Most companies these days operate in established markets where it is essential to consistently overcome any competition. (Potential) customers generally already have a favourable attitude towards their current partner, so it’s all about changing mindsets. SWOT analysis, positioning and value propositions compiled by marketing departments are often no longer sufficient.

The Six Battlefields

This is where Mercuri’s Six Battlefields concept comes into play – reach out to recieve the whitepaper. It identifies six fields in which it is essential to measure up against the competition to impress the customer. Each battlefield requires specific conversational strategies for achieving success over the competition and dragging the customer out of that ‘everything’s the same’ apathy.

The individual battlefields comprise a combination of customer requirements, the company’s own offer and the offer profile of a specific competitor:

“This very specific approach has had a very high impact and a high value to us.”

David Varey, Manager Central Commercial Business Velux Group

How does the Six Battlefields work?

It is a sales training concept without charts, handouts or presentations. Pure interaction with participants and presented by an experienced trainer. The target audience is sales people, product and marketing managers. The results can be implemented as early as the following morning!

What are the Six Battlefields?

  1. Expand your battlefield
  2. Shoot from all angles
  3. Reinforce the borders
  4. Make sure competitor attacks miss their mark
  5. The frontline of the competition
  6. Attack your competitor’s borders


The Six Battlefields sales training concept offers a completely new approach to analyzing the relevant competitive situation in a very detailed and structured manner. It can provide you with powerful ammunition during key moments in the battle for a customer. After all, whether you want to or not, you will have to approach specific competitors as opponents in the individual battlefields – your customer will make sure of that. 


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