The Virtual classroom – training that comes to you

Virtual classrooms offer a way to keep up to speed, stay current with new trends, and advance our skills, no matter what’s happening in the world. However, virtual classrooms aren’t just a great backup when we can’t meet in person – they offer a way to solve a range of other challenges:

A virtual learning session can reduce costs by eliminating travel and accommodation expenses. The time taken from your employees’ workday is also diminished, since no time is wasted on travel back-and-forth. Your organization’s carbon footprint goes down, while productivity goes up. It’s win-win.

In fact, short and spaced virtual sessions are not only convenient, allowing for training in the flow of work – they also make sense from a learning perspective. Virtual sessions contribute to a flexible and versatile learning journey that is a perfect fit for the modern workplace and tailor-made for the learner’s needs.

Take a look at the FAQs and tip sheet below to discover the benefits of a virtual classroom for your sales apprentices and learners.

What is virtual training?

Virtual training is a synchronous learning event that takes place on a dedicated platform with a trainer/facilitator. It can be a single event or a series of different sessions. The trainer holds each session live, with all the participants connected at the same time. This allows people from different geographical areas and time zones to learn together, with zero cost impact.

How long are the sessions?

The length of each session usually varies between 1 hour and 2 hours, depending on the topics covered, the learning objectives, and the learners’ needs and availability. This means that the training happens in the workflow, allowing the learner to work during the rest of the day. The impact on the workday is minimum, compared to that of traditional day-long training sessions. 

What does the virtual classroom look like? Can participants interact with the facilitator and with each other?

The collaborative, interactive element is precisely what sets this learning modality apart from the one-way webinars that most people have seen before. The virtual classroom comes packed with features that give the participants the chance to actively participate and interact with each other, even if they’re not physically in the same room. The key to success, however, is the experience of the facilitator in handling the virtual classroom, following best practices for learner engagement and using the full potential of the virtual environment. Mercuri has a strong legacy in learning delivery and facilitation, adhering to best practices and proven methodologies, optimized for every learning modality.

Virtual training tip sheet

Here are our top tips to make your virtual training engaging, effective and productive

Can I see if the learners are actively participating or passively listening?

Active learning is at the heart of the learning experience designed and delivered by Mercuri International, whether it’s live or virtual. It is crucial to set the expectations at the beginning of each session, so the learner is aware of the required engagement. The facilitator’s intervention is regularly combined with learner-led activities that require participants to reflect and respond: polls, open questions, working in small groups on virtual flipcharts, sharing files or notes… More often than not, the trainer’s creativity is the only limit.

What about the materials? Are they presented in the same format as in traditional classrooms?

The learning material used during the session is designed and developed specifically for the virtual learning experience with the support of Mercuri’s Digital Learning Center. Our know-how in digital learning merged with our training expertise, gathered in over 50 years of experience, guarantees the best format for your materials.

Sounds great! How can I find out more about virtual learning sessions for my organization?

Get in touch with one of our consultants o we’ll help you design the right virtual training solution for your people.  Read about on-boarding remote learners onto the HPE sales academy.

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