Is there a place for Face-to-face learning?

This is just one of the questions posed to Barry Hilton and Anne Ashworth from Pearson UK during the Association Of Professional Sales webinar on April 16th 2020. Barry and Anne discussed the challenges sales people face and how remote learning can help you stay ahead of the curve. Scroll down to access the webinar.

“There is a place for face-to-face training in the new normal, but in the past it was dominant, now it is just one of many different learning techniques available.”

Passion for learning

Anne’s passion and belief in life long learning was clearly evident during the webinar. During the session Anne discussed the move to digital learning and the use of Artificial Intelligence. However, Anne was also quick to impart that looking after the learner and understanding their requirements is critical to success and positive mental health.

Loss of personal interaction was also explored during the session. Anne explained that where remote learning really works is when the interaction is replicated to encourage networking.

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What do you recommend sales people do?

Nothing. This was not a trick answer from Mercuri UK MD Barry Hilton! Barry recommended that now more than ever is the time for sales people to stop…Pause and reflect. Consider this:

“If you keep doing the same thing nothing will change.”

Barry Hilton

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