Enhance sales performance

We work with sales teams from organizations worldwide helping them improve business results with sales strategy implementation and talent development solutions.

5 Steps to Sales Success

Our consultants help you enhance your sales performance with improved business processes and innovative learning solutions. Our success is based on our application of a highly effective and robust 5-step approach:

  1. Analysis – Measuring the capability gap, using Sales Evaluator, our online competence assessment tool.
  2. ConsultingCo-authoring a talent development strategy, utilizing established and new sales concepts.
  3. TrainingEngaging the workforce with tailored solutions, incorporating blended and digital learning programmes
  4. ImplementationSupporting the behavioural and skills change with coaching and reinforcement apps.
  5. ConsolidationEmbedding success and measuring the performance improvement.

Improving your business performance

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Our focus is to help you achieve an improvement in your business performance. We are able to do this by delivering improvements in the critical areas of your sales and service operation:

1. Winning new customers and understanding the new buying behaviours

Why ensuring a steady flow of new customers is good business sense:

  • Your customer base grows to support your overall sales growth objectives.
  • Reduces your reliance on achieving sales targets through the existing customer base.
  • Enables you to outmanoeuver competitor sales activity.

How Mercuri can help

  • Help you define your new customer ‘selection criteria’ to ensure that overall new customer sales activity is focused on developing a customer base appropriate for your planned market strategy.
  • Provide robust sales activity management tools to ensure that the quantity of directed sales activity will secure the sales result for each sales quarter and for the financial year overall 
  • Map and improve your new customer acquisition process to ensure a common, measurable sales approach is adopted which will increase the quantity of sales converted in the sales pipeline.
  • Uplift the ability of your salesforce to implement best practice new customer acquisition sales approaches from the telephone appointment making stage through to gaining contractual commitment.
  • Ensure your sales force behaviours provide a key differentiator in the experience of the customer and hence outmanoeuver competitor sales force activity.

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2. Retaining and growing existing customers

Why ‘Brick-walling’ your customer base is good business sense:

  • Defend your valuable, hard won customer base from competitor attack.
  • Increase your sales profitability to sell more to existing trading relationships.
  • It enables you to work more extensively with customers in ‘partner’ relationships and identify ongoing sales opportunities.

How Mercuri can help 

  • Define tactical, strategic and key account relationships and the level of focus each requires in order to grow sales revenues.
  • Develop your sales force in robust, comprehensive key account management tools that provide a common, measurable approach to relationship development.
  • Coach your sales people in the skills required to retain and grow their existing key relationships, as well as the skills required to co-ordinate and lead internal key account teams.

To find out more about how Mercuri can help you please call us on: 0330 9000 800 or email us at ukinfo@mercuri.co.uk

3. Sales Management Process Efficiency

Why measuring and improving sales management efficiency is good business sense:

  • It allows you to benchmark how effective your sales managers actually are
  • It provides clear insights into where good practice exists
  • It enables you to prioritise sales management development more precisely
  • It ensures you know what quality of sales management exists and how it should improve

How Mercuri can help

We can analyse the current efficiency levels of your sales management team and provide an accurate measurement against pre-researched world class benchmarks.

We will tell you how likely it is that your sales managers will achieve future sales targets and provide a direct correlation between their existing sales management efficiency ‘score’ and how this relates to sales result actualisation.

We will highlight where exposures exist in current sales management efficiency, what is required and in what order of priority, to strengthen overall sales management effectiveness.

We can help you identify the specific sales management behaviours required in order to increase sales result predictability.

We can provide a clear, proven, robust Sales Management Process that will ensure a common, measurable approach to sales result fulfillment.

4. Value-based selling

Why selling on value rather than selling on price is good business sense:

  • It enables your salespeople to sell more profitable deals
  • It reduces the pressure of discounting during the sales process
  • It increases the average order value of overall sales made
  • It secures better business now and in the future and ensures a customer base content to pay for the value you can provide

How Mercuri can help

We help you identify the specific value you can provide to your customers and how well this is currently communicated during sales pursuits.

We can up-skill your sales force to be able to articulate your value proposition so it links directly to solving customer business issues and objectives.

We can provide a comprehensive toolbox of proven value-based selling models, approaches, tools and techniques that ensure your proposed solutions are purchased at optimum profitability and revenue.

We will help your salespeople deliver sales processes that reduce the pressure to discount price.

5. Sales leadership and sales coaching

Why turning sales ‘managers’ into sales ‘leaders’ is good business sense:

  • It ensures that sales leadership actions have a positive impact on sales team actions
  • It enables corporate strategy to be implemented on a day-to-day basis with prospects and customers at the ‘coal face’
  • It reduces staff turnover and increases sales profitability
  • It increases the predictability of securing planned sales objectives and revenue growth

How Mercuri can help

We can show you what separates sales managers from sales leaders.

We will provide robust sales leadership tools that ensure that the quantity, direction and quality of sales activity is continually analysed, planned and monitored.

We will provide sales leadership development that ensures your managers are implementing the right leadership actions, with the right sales people, at the right time.

We help ensure that the future sales result is secured with far more predictability through developing your sales leadership team to effectively improve sales results, sales activity and sales competence – Customer Satisfaction and Retention.

To find out more about how Mercuri can help you please call us on: 0330 9000 800 or email us at ukinfo@mercuri.co.uk

6. Measuring customer satisfaction

Why measuring customer satisfaction is good business sense:

  • It enables you to have a clear picture of what you do well, not so well and what to improve or indeed invent
  • It provides a prioritised action plan of how to win and retain more customers
  • It ensures sales and service actions and behaviours, outperform customer expectations
  • It provides an ‘early warning system’ of the stability of your customer base and how to defend it from competitor activity

How Mercuri can help

We can provide customer satisfaction research and analysis expertise that pinpoints what you do well now, what requires improvement and what should be introduced into your company strategy in order to secure your customer base.

We can tell you, in order of priority, what customer satisfaction improvement actions are required.

We improve the skills of your service and sales teams to be able to deliver the prioritised actions needed.

We can help you make the link between customer retention and staff retention and how to effectively, and quickly, improve both.

We can measure the existing satisfaction levels of your valuable customer base and provide you with a benchmark satisfaction ‘score’ on which to improve and re-measure in the future.

” The training has provided a great platform for us to continue to strive for outstanding service.” 


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