Powerful Sales Performance

Shift the Curve

Shift the curve – Expect, not accept

Research has clearly shown that most sales teams typically have a spread of performance that follows this pattern:

  • 60% of most sales team members under-perform.
  • 40% over perform of which 12% often make up 50% of the total teams’ result. 

The question we ask is:  Would you accept this sort of variance between two production plants?  Most companies do accept this picture of performance from sales people because they are not really sure about how to change things…Or it’s been ok enough to get a reasonable result.”

How will you shift the curve and help improve the performance of the 60%?

We have been working with companies across the world for nearly 50 years helping them to improve sales performance. Our sales training programmes delivers more than just skills. Powerful Sales Performance delivers the motivation, knowledge, habits and tools to generate sales excellence.

Our powerful sales performance methods ensure that our sales training programmes engage and challenge, as well as enhance the skills and motivation of your sales team and are designed to address the:

  • Specific needs of your teams and sales process
  • Challenges presented in winning business in your industry
  • Demands of your customers
  • Return you require on your investment

We work with you to co-author professional sales training programmes which get results. Our specialist subjects include: