How to make the biggest impact on your business

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Evaluating and improving competence to make the biggest impact on your business

Do you know what skills, knowledge and attitudes your sales staff and customer facing teams need to enhance business performance?  

Moyra will take you through why you need to measure the capability gap in your organisation, how you identify areas for improvement, utilising over 250 sales competencies, and the importance of overcoming reservations within your organisation to ensure participation and engagement with the process.

In this ISMM webinar hosted by Mercuri, you will learn:

  • What are the most important competencies – How do you define the competencies against which your sales and customer service people will be measured?
  • Understanding the differences between the three types of competencies: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
  • How to engage participants in the evaluation process to help demonstrate there is a needs-based rationale to a development programme


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How to make the biggest impact on your business

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