Selling Smarter in the 3rd Millennium

The future of sales – The need to Transform

Sales – The world’s oldest profession has evolved with the times to meet the changing needs of every passing generation. It is now time, for another wave of change. The difference – this is not a gradual evolution. This is transformation. Even as technology transforms the way customers buy, it also calls for sellers to transform the way they sell. Those who heed this call and are willing to transform, will ride this wave, taking their careers and organizations to greater heights.

3rd Millennium Sales Training – Find out what are the 20 required sales practices to succeed in the 3rd Millennium

Mercuri’s 3rd Millennium Sales Concept will help you select and practice the skills required to transform yourself into a future proof sales professional.  3rd Millennium looks at how sales teams must adapt according to how much of the buying journey the customer has completed before they are ready to engage with you. Fierce competition requires smarter consultative selling than ever before.

In 1980 the average percentage of Buying Journey before engaging with a sales person was 10%.  In 2014 it was 57%.  In 2017 it’s more than 80%!  The IPhone was launched in June 2007. Since then, the way we communicate and how we gather information has changed drastically. It would be a surprise if these changes had no impact on sales. Sales is heavily impacted by the changes in communication and information gathering. The reason is quite simple: The buying journey of customers is changing. Not only in Business to Consumer (B2C), but in Busness to Business (B2B) as well:

  • 90% of decision makers say they never react on a cold call approach
  • 76% of buyers prefer a supplier recommended by their (social) network
  • 75% of  B2B-buyers state that they would prefer to buy online than from a sales person

The challenge now is that the “traditional” sales process does not cover the entire buying journey. 60% of the buying journey is most likely done before it comes to the first contact with sales people.

What does it mean for our sales practices and skills?

Develop your awareness of the changes in selling and attitude your sales and customer facing teams need to enhance business performance. Talk to us about Smarter Selling in the 3rd Millennium or to receive more information on Selling Smarter in the 3rd Millennium.

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Selling Smarter in the 3rd Millennium

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