Women In Sales Webinar

What a fantastic session from our outstanding panellists! Thank you for joining the Women In Sales conversation.

We’re excited to announce that two of our Sales Apprentices Lynn Siggins from Rockwell Automation and Chaninah Dzialoszynski from BSI will be joining Hannah Saddington from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Julie Nicholson from CCS Media along with Mercuri’s Barry Hilton for our Women In Sales webinar.

The gender balance

The webinar hosted by the Association of Professional Sales (APS) is on November 12th at 09:00 am for 35 minutes and will look at the issue of gender balance within the sales world. The panellists will also consider whether the shift in sales behaviours, enabled by 2020’s unprecedented events, further consolidated the positive impact being made by women in sales.

International data proves that women in sales have a significantly higher percentage success rate at achieving target than their male counterparts.* Is it that the use of technology and virtual communication tools in customer experience management is providing the ideal platform for women in sales? Is the flexibility and efficiency offered by these increasingly utilized channels playing to inherent strengths in both style and approach? * – Havard Business Review

The Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship – a catalyst for change?

With the help of the apprenticeship focused panellists, we will also look at how the Sales Executive Apprenticeship qualification might just be the catalyst to help make a step change within the sales profession.

Key takeaways:

  • Clarifying the competences needed to win and keep business in 2021.
  • Identify the distinct changes within the sales environment for which female salespeople are ideally positioned to win business, strengthen results and increase customer loyalty.
  • Hear from successful women in sales and what they are doing to stay successful and on target.

Find out more about our special guests

 Lynn Siggins from Rockwell Automation

“Thirty-five years of experience with Rockwell Automation,  the first 4 yrs being  spent as an  Electrical/Electronic Apprentice followed by a series of pre -sales technical roles both as Commercial Engineer specialising in HMIs , industrial networks, PCs and everything automation including a 10 year stint within the UK OEM team as a Complete Automation specialist. My current role finds me as a Technology Consultant within the Automation and Software business , UK wide, supporting internal sales guys and sales channels both technically and commercially. I’m also a  STEM Ambassador in my spare time.

I now find myself as an Apprentice for the second time in my life, and things are very very different this time around.  Finally its OK to say ‘I work in Sales’ and not be greeted with ”that’s not a real job!”

Chaninah Dzialoszynski from BSI 

“I am a Training Specialist at BSI for the Sector accounts (Food, BIM, Auto/Aero & Medical) supporting our clients in achieving, maintaining and protecting their Quality Management Systems . Having worked in Account Management previously, I started my sales career as a Junior in the sales team at BSI 3 years ago and am now a Senior supporting the 3 other members of the Sector team and our wider sales floor.”

Hannah Saddington from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“I am an IT Account Manager at HPE looking after customers in the financial services industry. I started my journey as an Intern 5 years ago, passed our HPE Sales School as a graduate and now co-lead our apprentice scheme which has 14 candidates on top of my day to day role.”

Julie Nicholson from CCS Media

Julie Nicholson is the Head of Academy for the South at CCS Media Limited. With over 20 years of Sales & leadership experience within the technology industry. Julie has worked for the last 14 years at CCS Media and seen the business evolve from a 22 million business to a 242 million organisation with 500 employees. Julie currently leads two Sales Academies, working with a management team to  develop the future talent of the business. A great advocate of apprenticeships she understands the importance of diversity and equality within business and takes pride in being part of the team leading this forwards.

Sales Apprenticeships

The Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship

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