Why is a career in sales challenging?

Read Barry Hilton’s article in The Training Journal entitled: “How to make salespeople less expendable

Barry explores the daily rejection, attrition rates and how unprepared many organizations are when it comes to equipping their sales teams. Consider the part sales training plays in developing the resilience and retention of sales people. Are you arming your team properly before you send them into the fray?

…An opportunity at last exists to qualitatively benchmark salespeople against a nationally recognised level of competence. The Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship has re-drawn the map.

Barry Hilton


There still often remains a deep-rooted suspicion around the true motivation of salespeople…but maybe industry’s collective appetite for the new professional qualification is a significant breakthrough. With a stake in the creation of their learning journey, these are indeed exciting times for our country’s sales professionals…Read the article in Training Journal

Professionalizing Sales

The Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship

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