Don’t fall back into Bad Sales Habits

The Virtual Reality

The pendulum is already swinging back into the comfort zone of our sales past. If it travels all the way back an opportunity to get ahead of the race will be missed. Question the impact of old sales behaviours.

Of course, the pendulum will swing back a little. We are already experiencing nostalgia for the familiarity of the past. Few of us are ever ready for change but, in the race we all run, it sets the pace. The reality of our collective future is more virtual than the past. Technology which many avoided or rejected, provided a lifeline and its impact on business life is indelible.

Who will be nostalgic for twelve-hour days on the motorway? How much will you miss travelling 400 miles to meet a customer for an hour? Will the absence of 4am starts to catch the red-eye and sitting for hours waiting on delayed flights really leave a hole in your life or, will their confinement to the dustbin of business history release a whole lot more time to be successful?

Selling was already being redefined by the internet and other factors. That process has just been massively accelerated and if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get a whole lot less than you ever did in the past. Virtually everyone is moving on, that’s the reality.

Sales tips

  • Review what you do and make decisions.
  • Reject what is ineffective.
  • Change, even if that is difficult to do.
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