The future of learning & your future learners

At the Festival of Work in June we discussed the future of learning and our future learners

The digital revolution has changed the way we interact with the world around us. Traditionally, information has been pushed to us – a one-way, linear communication.

Now, the way we absorb information has evolved – and so has learning. We consume media selectively from a wide range of sources. Our classroom is all around us – and it is the student, not the teacher who is the focus. This is pull learning.

Limited available training time and a more mobile and decentralized workforce has transformed the way we develop people…Read the Blog

Your future learners

Talk to our Apprenticeship Consultants about the new Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship.

The Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship
  • The SALES+ Apprenticeship is ready to be delivered on a start date to suit your business and apprentices.
  • Apprenticeships last between 15 -18 months dependent on proof of experience and prior learning of potential apprentices.
  • Open cohorts delivered nationally at a local offsite location.
  • Closed cohorts delivered onsite at a location determined by you.
  • Individual learners can join their local open cohort.
  • Closed Cohorts have a requirement of a minimum 12 learners.

Find out about the 17 blended learning modules in the Mercuri SALES+ sales apprenticeship. They are a combination of business critical and sales competences: