New Apprenticeship Appointment: Learning & Development Coach

Meet Nigel Baldwin, Mercuri’s new Apprenticeship Learning & Development Coach (LDC)

Responsible for delivering the Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeship programme and coaching both experienced and new to role sales professionals, Nigel’s appointment reinforces Mercuri’s commitment to delivering a first class apprenticeship experience.

An “inspirational motivator”, with a proven track record in sales enablement and sales coaching. As well as having experience of starting and growing his own business, Nigel has worked with both SMEs and some of the largest enterprises in the world. He is passionate about sales coaching and enabling people to achieve. With a strong history of individual sales performance Nigel has a real empathy around the day to day challenges sales teams face! An enabler who not only understands process, methodology and theory, Nigel believes in the importance of injecting agility and creativity into the sales process.

“We are thrilled that Nigel is joining Mercuri. His sales expertise and coaching experience is a perfect fit for the Mercuri LDC Apprenticeship team. We are living in unpredictable times and Nigel’s combination of business acumen and enthusiasm for talent development is the perfect antidote to the challenges and opportunities that our learners face.”

Barry Hilton

Nigel joins Mercuri from DRIVEN, having previously worked as a Sales Coaching Specialist in EMEA with Forcepoint (part of the Raytheon Group). As well as being a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, Nigel is also a member of the Sales Enablement Society.

“I’m delighted to be working with Mercuri, they have a global reputation for outstanding sales coaching and looking forward to providing our learners with the opportunities to use and grow their strengths.”

Nigel Baldwin

Facts about Nigel

  • A led pellet was fired from an air rifle into Nigel’s left hand!
  • Nigel is a rugby fanatic and coached a local clubs Colts XV to County silverware in their second season, having established a Colts XV at the club for the first time in 10 years.


Delivering Immediate Impact

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