Adrenalin shot sales training is a quick fix

When might a quick fix cost more than a long-term commitment?

Creating sustainable sales performance is one instance. As organizations ponder how to jump start their sales teams after three months of stagnation, the pragmatic question of balancing investment against return is magnified. Of course, there is a lot to do after such a long period of paralysis but, much of that will be short-term firefighting with no strategic contribution beyond fixing immediate problems. Some adrenalin shot into the collective arm of the sales team might appear enough for now. It’s a quick fix and, it may be expensive. Its impact is at best, uncertain. At least something has been done if there is neither time nor will, to commit to anything more substantial.

“Quick fix, adrenalin shot sales training may have no lasting positive effect unless it is part of a wider fitness regime.”

A sales apprenticeship means longer-term commitment but, offers root and branch upskilling aligned with the rapidly changing norms of sales. Financially, the cost is covered. The impact on performance over its duration will more than repay any perceived loss in productivity.  Short-duration training will cost more in money terms but, its real cost is in the long term. Reinforcing outmoded sales practice will strategically weaken many companies.

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