The Worldpay Way of Singing

A little bit of magic and making beautiful music inspires Worldpay conference delegates

“Best Conference Ever” – Creativity with a purpose

Imagine the call…

“Can you help me? I am running a session at our sales conference. It’s covering some pretty important topics that we need people to really take on board. I’ve got a powerful theme but it’s looking a bit heavy going for a conference that people are expecting to be something special. We need to find a way to significantly liven it up without losing the serious messages. You’re really creative, I’m sure you can come up with something amazing. I need to finalise what we’re going to do within 48 hours.”

“Okay, when is this conference?”

“Two weeks tomorrow!”

Challenge number one

Design and deliver something amazing, don’t lose the serious business messages, it’s happening in two weeks’ time, get it signed off within two days.

Two hours later – we’ve got a brilliant idea.

Challenge number two

Where can we find two magicians, one singing instructor, a piano and a lemon within forty eight hours? All of which are available on the day and can be in a far off location, on time and ready to rock. Oh, we also needed a world class facilitator to pull it all together, orchestrate it on the day and make sure that the business mission is accomplished. But this was a lesser challenge as we are blessed with a team of highly talented facilitators that can certainly rise to any occasion!

Did we manage it? You bet we did! Scoped in two days, rehearsed and delivered two weeks later.

The outcome

In the words of Pete Wickes, SVP Corporate at Worldpay UK:

“Thanks so much for making the Conference such a great experience for my team and I. It really is much appreciated.”

And the message from one of Pete’s team:

“I just want to say how brilliant you are for designing and delivering such an amazing day with spectacular people. The feedback is pouring in from every attendee – even the more silent ones! Their message? ‘’Best Conference ever and we have been to hundreds!’’ Thank you very much. I knew it would be brilliant but you ‘raised the bar’!!!”


What did we do?

We enjoyed ‘sprinkling a little magic’, facilitating the business critical discussions and finally delivering an epic finale where we got the whole team ‘singing the same tune’.

Need to add a bit of magic to your conference? Or just curious to hear exactly what we did? Do what our client Worldpay did, just pick up the phone or contact us via email.

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