Stay Alert Sales Professionals

Big changes are coming over the horizon

The recent Government strapline, stay alert, resonates loudly in the world of sales. Beyond the context of the current market hiatus something more individually focused but equally worrying is happening. Match fitness levels are dropping rapidly.

“Vital sales skills around questioning, listening, presenting, handling competition and closing are not being deployed.”

Call it ring-rusty, call it whatever you please, what keeps sales teams performing and alert is currently locked away in the cupboard. Combine this with lack of practice and a fundamental repositioning of technology in the commercial world. Big changes are coming over the horizon and there is a limited window of opportunity to be ready for it. In Sales, we need to Stay Alert!

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“Sales team’s must adapt to the new market reality and stay alert! How customers want to interact and what will add value to their businesses in future, is different from the past.”

Sales tips

  • Act now.
  • Challenge every sales practice.
  • Evaluate your team’s capability.