Competitive, Pressurized & Unpredictable

Will your sales team be fit enough to be successful?

We relax on our annual holiday. It is well deserved. Two weeks of doing what we like, when we like and, as much as we like. It recharges our batteries and de-stresses body and mind so that on return to work, we’re pumped up and raring to go.

Soon, massive numbers of people will be restarting after a twelve-week enforced holiday. Most have been confined in one place and probably doing a little too much eating, drinking, getting up late and worrying about the future.

“Athletic muscles begin to lose capability after three weeks of inactivity. What impact will three months of doing nothing have on sales muscles? What are you doing to keep your sales team match fit?”

Start first time?

Sales requires not only physical energy but, extremely high levels of mental agility and more particularly, mental resilience. Switching off for twelve weeks means many sales engines will misfire badly when the ignition key is finally turned. Market conditions on re-entry will not be benign. It will be hugely competitive, highly pressurized and massively unpredictable. Jumping into an ice-cold plunge-pool is a massive system shock. What has your sales engine been doing since March 2020? Click to read other blogs in this series.

Sales tips

  • Develop people before they need it not after.
  • Introduce a sales fitness regime.
  • Recognize that your start may be slower than you need to survive.