Sales Excellence Masterclass

The focus of this sales masterclass with Mercuri’s Barry Hilton is to:

  • Clarify in detail, the skill set required to be successful at remote selling.
  • Highlight why customer expectations are changing and how salespeople can best adapt.
  • Provide guidance on how best to recover optimum levels of sales fitness after a period of reduced activity.
  • Offer ideas about ramping up sales activity to levels which will meet the challenges of the future.
  • Support sustainable change in sales behaviours over the longer term by achieving some quick wins in the short term.

The password is Sales Excellence.

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”MAKING A REAL BUSINESS DIFFERENCE – We have been working with Mercuri globally for the last three years developing, delivering and measuring the business impact of the NegGOtiate2WIN training program..It has been one of our award-winning programs.”