The Sales Future is more than just Zoom

The past has passed. Comfortable patterns of face to face selling will dwindle rapidly from the traditional levels. The reality is, too many companies have already been forced to look straight into the face of the future.

“Like Janus, there are two dimensions to that future face. One is scary, the other is bursting with opportunity. In that future, servicing a customer base will be undertaken very differently.”

For differently you could read cheaper, or, more effectively, or, through technology, or, without traditional sales infrastructure.

New beginnings

Many are already planning the financial dimensions of this new normal that’s the easy bit. How many are really considering the process, behavioural and skills necessary to make that happen. A quick switch to automation alone is not the answer. Salesperson 3.0 is what is required to pull off the trick. It is already possible to create Salesperson 3.0 because it is already here.  You just need to know where to look…

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