Do your salespeople create enough opportunities?

Paul, the National Sales Manager for BH Global was worried. For the third consecutive quarter sales growth was minimal and driven entirely by cross selling. The new client pipeline was dry and his team blamed lack of leads, pleaded for a better discount structure and complained about poor after sales service.

“What are your people doing wrong?” the CEO asked and went on “We gave you an expensive CRM and a good incentive scheme but we’re missing target repeatedly. Is the problem that our people are not good enough or is it the market or, is it your leadership?”

Paul’s silver bullet would be ‘a tool that gives my people complete control over every type of sales activity; prospecting, opportunity management, customer retention and growth but does that exist. In the main, the salesperson’s comfort zone is managing opportunities that come their way. However, if sales performance is to be taken to the next level, opportunity creation is an essential part of the job. Opportunity management must go beyond following up warm leads and focus on finding, qualifying and winning new customers.

Sales Platform™ is the optimum tool for this task. It balances the necessary quantity, direction and quality of sales effort. It guarantees future result. If you share some or all of Paul’s challenges, spend a few minutes understanding Sales Platform


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Do your salespeople create enough opportunities?